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The inspiration behind the NOVITA brand, it?s the Latin meaning ?new? or ?innovation?. Our lab grown diamonds will be the result of groundbreaking technology that offers a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds.

Who Is The Driving Force Behind Novita Diamonds?

Iris Arnold, the Global CEO and Founder of Novita Diamonds, leads we with a vision of women’s empowerment. An astounding 85% of our workforce and all our top management are women, embodying Iris?s vision to foster a business environment that values and encourages women’s leadership.
Iris Arnold CEO and Founder of Novita Diamonds
Iris Arnold CEO and Founder of Novita Diamonds

How Did Novita Diamonds Start?

Our story begins with a vision, the vision of our founder, Iris Arnold. Iris was passionate about providing an alternative to mined diamonds and had been anticipating the advent of lab diamonds for years. When they finally arrived out there, she recognized the long-awaited opportunity was finally here. Drawing from her deep-seated commitment to sustainable and affordable luxury, she founded Novita Diamonds in Australia.

Leveraging her vast experience in jewellery design and complemented by a team of expert gemmologists and master jewellers ? aptly called the ‘A-Team’ ? she was able to create an unparalleled blend of craftsmanship and innovation. The team’s cumulative industry connection with over 40 years has always been instrumental in assisting couples find their dream rings. However, Iris’s vision led to the transformation of the dream right into a more affordable reality. Lab grown diamonds became our perfect solution, allowing couples to acquire their dream ring without compromising on size, quality or their budget.

The Australian market readily embraced Novita Diamonds. The brand’s unique approach combined with a separate team and leadership under Iris proved to be a complete success, and quickly expanded to all major cities in Australia. This only marked the beginning of our journey.

Our user-friendly website and low overheads due to the online model has allowed us to pass the savings directly onto our customers. the beginning of Novita Diamonds That said, we continue steadily to maintain strategic showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide, Brisbane and Parramatta understanding the joy and confidence that some customers derive from seeing our stunning lab created diamond pieces in person.

Which Countries Does Novita Diamonds Currently Have Showrooms In?

Currently we’ve locations in Australia, NZ, UK, Germany, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Malaysia.The success and acceptance of Novita Diamonds spurred our international expansion. After sweeping across Australia and New Zeeland, our brand found new homes in the UK, Germany and Spain. The growth continued as we marched into Asia, setting up showrooms in Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia, learning to be a household name for affordable, lab grown diamond jewellery. Plans are also in place to venture into the US and Canada, once we continue to realise our mission of earning dream rings accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Today, Novita Diamonds stands as a testament to Iris’s vision of affordable luxury, powered by sustainable lab grown diamonds, and we can’t wait to bring that vision to the rest of the world.

WHY IS Novita Diamonds Products So Special?
At Novita Diamonds, we of expert gemmologists and master jewellers isn’t just known for sourcing the world’s finest man made diamonds, also for creating stunning ring designs that resonate with this discerning customers. As a worldwide pioneer in lab grown diamonds, we push boundaries in innovation and quality.

Central to your innovative approach may be the direct sourcing of diamonds from manufacturers by our dedicated global network of gemmologists. This allows us to handpick the finest gems for the customers, offering an unmatched standard of quality in the industry.SO HOW EXACTLY DOES Novita Diamonds Rings And Jewellery.

Excel Above All Market Standard?

Beyond sourcing, we also invest significantly in innovation for our product designs. We leverage advanced CAD designs and offer custom designs, allowing us to create unique, high-quality rings that are truly personal and bespoke. This technique involves precision manufacturing that ensures the best quality and finishing touches, meticulously done by our highly talented master craftsmen.

We craft rings that aren’t only aesthetically stunning but are built to last, making them lifelong companions. These rings use diamonds which are of equal quality to earth-mined diamonds, offering exactly the same durability and timeless appeal. Our commitment to quality extends to every stage of the procedure, from sourcing to manufacturing to the ultimate inspection.We invite one to check our 100+ lab grown diamond engagement rings unique designs or why don’t we make the perfect custom engagement ring simply for you.

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